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On this page is a sample range of some lifting equipment items that we supply, together with some lifting slings that we manufacture.

If you do not see the product that you are looking for, please contact our sales team.
We offer a range of grade 8 and grade 10 alloy steel chain slings and chain fittings manufactured to customers requirements in various configurations and safe working loads with various end fittings. All are supplied tested and certified. Single, two, three and four leg chain sling assemblies are available with sling hooks fitted.

We supply:
Stainless Steel Chain Slings, Grade 8 Chain fittings, Rope Cargo Lifting Nets, Woven Wire Rope Slings with End Links, Webbing Slings and Round Slings in various SWL – (manufactured to customers’ specification), Screw Pin Bow Shackles, BS 3032 Self Colour Tested Long Dee Piling Shackles, Grade 8 & 10 Chain Slings, Spreader Beams, Wire Rope Slings, Plain & Adjustable Push Travel Trollies, Lifting Magnets, Various Tested Eye Bolts & Eye Nuts, Snatch and Pulley Blocks, Snatch Block Swivel Eye, Geared Travel Trollies,  Alloy Steel Dee and Bow Shackles including Super Green Pin for high safe working loads and more.

Flexileg Sling
This unique Grade 10 chain Flexileg system from Gunnebo allows the user to interchange legs to make whatever sling configuration they need, 5 legs on this system can replace 4 conventional slings (10 legs) The special Flexileg tag provides easy WLL identification, Up to 14 tonnes SWL in one kit, The system provides for Standard or Squared masterlink option, Sling hook, safety hook and t hook options available, Each leg is fitted and easily removed using the Gunnebo ‘Quickpin’ mechanism, When located it cannot be accidentally removed, Additional mid sling retrofit shortening is also available.
For more information on this revolutionary new chain system call our sales team now.


Chain HoistsHand Operated Chain Blocks and Lever Hoist Chains
Hand operated chain blocks are available from 500kgs through to 50tonne working load limit. We can also supply lever hoists from 250kgs through to 15tonne working load limit. Both of these can be supplied to any height of lift required. We supply many leading manufacturers models including a budget priced range.
Electric chain and wire rope hoists are also available. The above chain blocks and lever hoists conform and exceed the international standards BSEN, American, Australian, South African and Norsok standards.

Wire Rope Pulling MachineWire Rope Pulling Machines
We offer a range of wire rope pulling machines from several manufacturers in various capacities including a budget priced range.

This is just an example of the huge range R & G Marine can offer.
For more information please contact a member of our sales team.


R & G Paper Reel Head Clamp Assembly

These quality made paper reel lifting clamps are available in two S.W.L. capacities, 2 tonnes S.W.L. and 3 tonnes S.W.L. They are designed with a top shackle fitting for connection to frame units for multi-reel lifting. They can also be manufactured with a top fitting tailored to customers requirements.
The basic unit comprises two head clamps and a 2.5 metre length of 10mm diameter grade 8 alloy chain which is connected to the clamps via clevis pulley assemblies. The pulleys that the chain passes through are fitted with rollers which helps prevent chain wear. The head clamps and clevis pulley assemblies are fully galvanised. The bearing surfaces and edges of the head clamps are covered with abrasion resistant rubber, which greatly reduces risk of damage to the paper reels when in use. The length of chain can be extended to suit customer requirements; the head clamp unit, clevis pulley assembly, chain, rollers and shackles are all available as spare parts, so there’s no need to replace the whole unit if parts are worn or sustain damage.
The R & G paper reel head clamp assembly is a tried and tested product manufactured in the United Kingdom and is already being used by major ship owners and port operators. This is just one example of how R & G Marine & Industrial Services can work with their customers to help design and manufacture lifting equipment to meet very specific needs.

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