Some of the manufacturing and installation projects undertaken by R & G Marine.
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Inspection Work 
R & G were contacted by one of our customers to carry out thorough inspection of their lifting equipment. This included large endless round slings and webbing slings.


Beam Testing 
Recent proof load testing carried out for a local fabrication company on various lifting beams.


Calibrated Load Testing 
One of our clients required proof load testing to be carried out on fixed ceiling terminals in Warwick. All 8 fixings took a suspended load of 300kgs using our calibrated hand test weights.


Recent Load Testing Work
R&G Marine were contracted in to carry out testing work on newly installed lighting bars at a newly refurbished Theatre in London. The testing was to prove that all the fixings, brackets and bars could hold a loading of 60kgs every linear metre.


Stainless Steel Wire Rope Balustrading 
One of our clients had a requirement for wire rope’s to be fitted on a major building site to a penthouse apartment in London. The handrails were already in place and R & G attended site to fit the wire ropes. This involved running the ropes through the stanchions, fitting the eye bolts and then swaging the fitting’s onto the wire ropes. Once this was completed, the wires were then tensioned and cleaned. Architectural AISI grade Stainless Steel fitting’s were used on this project.


Emergency Replacement Fitting of Wire Rope 
R & G Marine carried out an emergency replacement and fitting of wire rope on a car ramp. We manufactured the new wire rope in our workshop using the existing solid thimble off of the old damaged wire rope and reused the wire rope socket, which was then fitted on site. This job was carried out at night and into the following morning.


Proof Load Test at one of London’s Docks 
R & G were asked by a client to carry out proof load testing of a Davit Crane on board a luxury yacht berthed in one of London’s Docks, which required a load of 380Kgs to be applied.


Stud Pull Testing
R & G have recently completed on site testing in London for a client, which involved stud pull testing on M16 ceiling studs that were resin fixed. Each stud had 15kn applied to them during testing. Four overhead lifting beams located in the same area were also tested and certified prior to being used.


Suspension Bridge
In the Summer of 2015 R & G were contracted by a major client to assist in removing worn out wire ropes and purpose made cast sockets on a Suspension Bridge in Bedfordshire, and then to refurbish the sockets and refit them to four new 38mm diameter wire ropes using resin compound and refit them to the fully refurbished Suspension Bridge. This project is a good example of how R & G personnel work with their clients to carry out contracts where the expertise of all concerned is paramount to conclude the Project successfully.


110 Ton Proof Load Test
Undertaking a proof load test of 110 tonnes on a lock Caisson auxiliary operating system for a local fabrication engineering company. This work involved supply of large capacity round slings, Wire ropes and Super Green pin shackles together with hand splicing work on 64mm diameter high tech 12 strand fibre ropes.


Balustrading with Steel Architectural RiggingStainless Steel Architectural Rigging
An Architectural stainless steel rigging project involving stainless steel balustrading undertaken for a client on the Kent Coast. Stainless Steel Architectural Rigging provides a safe, long-lasting, modern option for projects like this one.
For years, we have been manufacturing and supplying stainless steel Architectural Rigging Assemblies to Architectural designers and the construction industry throughout the UK.


Paper Reel Head Clamps
To the right: Paper Reel Head clamps complete with lifting chain assemblies manufactured for a major shipping company.
Similar projects have been undertaken for other European and South American clients.
An example of how R & G will cater for the bespoke needs of their customers.


Decorative Traditional RiggingDecorative RiggingDecorative Rigging
A decorative traditional rigging project made in natural fibre rope and wooden rope pulley blocks manufactured by R & G for a client who was undertaking the nautical interior design of a bar in St Lucia, West Indies. An example of the varying splicing skills we offer at R & G.


Lifting AssemblyLifting Assembly
This custom-built project included the supply and installation of a fixed lifting beam, Push Trolley, Electric Hoist and four leg chain assembly to a Rectangular lift frame.
The work was undertaken for a local manufacturing company.
Do you need a custom lifting assembly for your business?
Please get in touch and let us know what we can do for you!


Garden RiggingGarden RiggingDecorative Garden Rigging
For this job we used Hempex synthetic fibre rope and Brass fittings in conjunction with decking and ornamental timber posts.
R & G can help you enhance your garden too. The possibilities are endless!



Chain AssembliesLifting Chain Assemblies
Bulk manufacture of bespoke Grade 80 lifting chain assemblies for use on multi-point lifting frames for a major shipping company.
Similar projects have been undertaken for major port operators.

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